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How to sell your art with us!

Hey there!  If you are an artist and would like to sell your designs with us then we are always interested in seeing what you've got!  However, we have a few of our own rules that we need for you to follow.

  • All work MUST be your own and you must be able to provide proper proof.

  • You may NOT copy existing logos, characters, etc. in your designs.  Redrawing anything in your own style is of course exempt from this.

  • You must provide your designs in vector or .PSD format.

  • Please try to keep your designs comic book / pop culture focused.

  • Do not copy other people's ideas, even if you have redone it in your own style.


All pretty basic stuff, right?  Well let's say that your work is approved and we decide to sell it!  Ultimately, our goal is to empower you as an artist, but we need to still keep our business safe.  So please review these terms to help decide if we are the right host for you.

  • Artist will retain all rights and ownership to designs.

  • Payments will be made monthly via PayPal.

  • All designs currently being sold can not be sold by the artist in t-shirt, sticker, or button form at personal or competing stores.

  • Responsibility of usage rights of fonts falls or other infringement of intellectual property falls to the artist.  We are not responsible for any legal issues your work might run into.

  • Partnership can be terminated by either party at any time with an email two weeks in advance. In that two weeks, the design will continue to be sold and the artist will still receive the agreed upon profit. Any already existing overstock may still be sold by the store.

If you're still interested then please submit all designs to  Also if your work has been used unfairly in one of our designs, please send an email to that same address and we'll do what we can to sort things out!

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